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Van bi nhựa compact UPVC CPVC - SPEARS

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Spears Inc. supply Compact 2000 Ball Valve with Industrial Grade, Maintenance-Free Sealed Unit New Lower-Profile, More Compact Design Provides Even Greater Space-Savings

Industrial Grade, Maintenance-Free Sealed Unit

  • New Actuator-Ready Body – Accepts Spears® Improved Mini-Mount Actuator Mounting Kits
  • New Double O-ring Stem Seal
  • Spears® Safe-T-Shear Stem
  • PTFE Self Adjusting Floating Seats
  • EPDM or FKM O-ring Seals
  • Full 235 psi Pressure Rating @ 73°F
  • EPDM valves NSF® Certified for Use with Potable Water
  • Suitable for Vacuum Service
  • Produced in ASTM IPS sizes 1/2" - 2" with Socket or Threaded End Connectors.

Corrosion Resistant PVC or CPVC Construction, Silicone Free Assembly

Spears® Compact 2000 Ball Valves never rust, scale, or pit, providing exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance.

Assembled with water soluble, silicone free lubricant.

Actuation-Ready Body Mounting Lugs

Valve body has built-in mounting lugs for direct attachment to Spears® improved Mini-Mount actuator mounting kits.

PTFE Ball Seats

Spears® PTFE floating seat design reduces seat wear for extended valve life, smooth operation, and bubble-tight shutoff. 100% factory tested.

EPDM or FKM O-ring Options

Available with high grade, abrasion resistant EPDM or FKM elastomer O-ring seals. Allows application specific selection for optimum chemical resistance.

High Impact Polypropylene Handle

Low profile, double stop design. Exhibits excellent resistance to most chemical environments.

Full Schedule 80 Bore

In open position, full-bore provides optimum flow with pressure drop equal to that of an equivalent length of Schedule 80 pipe.

Suitable for Vacuum Service

Compact 2000 Ball Valves have been tested at 26 in-Hg. vacuum for one hour with less than 1-in. Hg loss.

NSF® Certified for Potable Water

All EPDM Compact 2000 Ball Valves are NSF® Certified for use in potable water systems.

Optional Accessories

  • Round Safety Handles
  • Stem Extension Kits
  • Square Operator Nuts
  • Multi Mount Valve/Actuation Mounting Kits
  • Mini-Mount Actuation Mounting Kits
Thông số kỹ thuật

All thermoplastic ball valves shall be Compact 2000 sealed unit type manufactured to ASTM F 1970 and constructed from PVC Type I, ASTM D 1784 Cell Classification 12454 or CPVC Type IV, Cell Classification 23447. All Valve bodies shall have actuation mounting lugs. All O-rings shall be EPDM or FKM. All valves shall have Safe-T-Shear® stem with O-ring stem seal and double-stop Polypropylene handle. All valves shall be listed by NSF International for use in potable water service. All 1/2" - 2" valves shall be pressure rated at 235psi, for water at 73°F, as manufactured by Spears® Manufacturing Company.

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